Whether you want remote mixing done, or help with songwriting/production, or a full album/EP recorded & mixed – get in touch!

“Always a pleasure recording with Jack, he has produced two of our EPs and to say we’re happy with the end result would be an understatement.
Engineering. Yes. Mixing. Yes. Open to our fucking stupid ideas. Yes. He is meticulous in every step of the process and a bloody nice guy to boot.
We always feel super confident working with Jack, just listen to our latest EP it’s tits.

– Vandampire

We’ve worked with Jack at production helm for a number of years, including on our recent hit single for The Kut. He’s an all round legend – highly recommended
– Criminal Records

Popes of Chillitown – Take A Picture (2023) (prod/mix/drums/writing)

Tom Tattersall – Speed X Time (2023) (prod/mix/drums/writing)

Offbeat Society – Die Welt war nicht genug

Tom Tattersall – Long Distance (2022) (prod/mix/drums/writing)

Offbeat Society (2022) (mix)

Broken Sleep Band – Waste The Time (2022) (mix):

Vandampire – The Last Good Thing Has Happened (2020) (engineer, prod, mix):

Broken Sleep Band – Good Health (2020) (drums, mix):

The Kut – Waiting For Christmas (2020) (eng, mix):

Lead Shot Hazard – Fires To Find Our Friends (2019) (engineer, mix):

Vandampire EP (2018) (engineer, mix):

Popes Of Chillitown album (2018) (engineer, prod):

Popes Of Chillitown album (2015) (engineer, prod, mix):

ICOSA EP (2014) (engineer, prod, mix):

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